Saturday, June 18, 2016

Elixirs Go To Local Parties

Spreading The Magic
Experience the essence of our local hills - the subtle floral sweetness of elderflower - captured in a bottle!

Elderflower elixir has a natural effervescence as light and delicate as champagne bubbles!

Elderflower Elixir is truly a magical experience. The limited edition and artisanal elixir is made from the first flush of spring blossoms gathered from the hillsides of our Valley during a 4 - 6 week period.

This week Elderflower Elixir,  Elderflower Rose Soda, Lemon Balm Soda and Hibiscus Soda were featured at two local summer parties.

Friday, June 17, 2016

A Local Celebration Of Summer


Brined Pickle class Friday June 10th 6 - 9 PM in Lisa's Kitchen

Last Friday evening I taught a class on how to make small artisanal batches of brined pickles, chock-full of gut healing bacteria, using an assortment of local farmer's market produce.  

Dinner and Botanical-Inspired Elixirs

For dinner I put together an intriguing menu inspired by my travel abroad and yet based and grounded in regional foods that reveal their roots in our local soil.  

I served sourdough pita bread made with Sonoran Heirloom wheat and unbleached unenriched flour, hummus, labneh with herbs and cucumber stirred into it, rose petals chopped with dry fruit and nuts, several rice dishes infused with herbs and fruits and spices, a salad of beets and a salad with greens, fruit and basil, three types of pickles - daikon, turnip and traditional dill pickle - along with about 2 gallons of various botanical elixirs - pomegranate, strawberry, hibiscus, elderflower, rose and sage.

Local Flavor