Monday, October 14, 2013

How To Stay Comfortable in Dry Weather

When the weather gets dry and the humidity drops some of us sensitive types notice the difference.  I, myself, develop annoying symptoms such as dry itchy skin, chapped lips, dry hair, and dry eyes.

Dryness, in general, is an indication of yin or blood deficiency in TCM.  Dryness is an indication that the body needs extra nourishment and attention.

Some of the ways that I nourish myself during bouts of environmental dryness is making certain that I drink plenty of fluids.  I have a reverse osmosis water filter which is good at removing impurities but notorious for removing helpful hydrating minerals.

I remedy the lack of minerals by either adding a drop of two of a brine solution that I make with chunks of Himalayan pink salt or by adding a few drops of ConcenTrace Trace Mineral Drops that I order online.

I also make certain that I get plenty of potassium rich foods as potassium deficiency will especially exacerbate dry eye.   Some of my other favorite go-to sources of potassium are wild-caught salmon, spinach, and avocado.

Finally I like to get my juicer out in dry weather. Nothing is more refreshing that a tall glass of celery cucumber juice.  Sometimes I get fancy-smansy and add spinach, kale, lemon, green apple or ginger.  But, the celery cucumber juice usually hits the spot just fine. Today I added a 1/2 wedge of avocado and blended it up with the juice.

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