Saturday, May 25, 2013

Gluten-Free Travel Food

Edible Adventures has been away from home for the past week.  For someone fixated on food like myself being away from home and my own kitchen often presents special challenges.

Since roadside fast food has no appeal for me - and is not what I consider a healthy option - I came up with three new travel foods that really worked for me and made the experience of travel more enjoyable than it usually is.

1 - Travel secret number one was paleo-style egg muffins.  I baked mine with crumbled turkey sausage (homemade and from my freezer), bacon, chopped onion, broccolini and beaten eggs.  The muffins tasted great on the road and I never felt deprived or hungry.

2 - Travel secret number two was frozen jars of homemade soup.  It was good to know that I could warm up a bowl of comforting homemade soup whenever I liked.  I made two different varieties - creamy squash soup with ginger and cream of broccoli soup with fennel and basil.

3 - Travel secret number three was onion flax crackers.  Since I am a gluten-free gal I made a large batch of dehydrated onion flax crackers and stored them in a ziplock bag.  They tasted great with mashed avocado and sunflower seeds sprouts for a quick snack.

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