Sunday, April 21, 2013

AND - Now On To What I Ate For Breakfast

Now that I am off my food expert rant - I can get to the good stuff - what I ate for breakfast.

This week I made a goal to break out of my food ruts and routines and try to eat a wider variety of foods for breakfast.

This morning I reheated black forbidden rice and veggies - in this case onions and carrots that had been braised in broth - left-over from dinner.

I really like having dinner left-overs for breakfast because it makes for such an effortless food prep in the morning.  Why not make a little extra at dinner to save time in the morning?  And why do you suppose left-overs taste so good - often better - then when the dish was freshly made?

The other thing that I noticed is that several diet experts have told me that if I eat a high protein breakfast with plenty of fat that I will be able to sustain my energy for up to 5 hours - in spite of my tendency to get low blood sugar - without a hitch.

Well - this is anecdotal and totally n=1 but I ate a fairly low protein - low fat breakfast this morning and felt great and actually went 6 hours before my next meal.  Yes my tummy started rumbling at around hour 5 - but I did not get any of the head fog symptoms that are associated with low blood sugar.

So it appears that I can be a bit more food adventuresome in the morning - not lock-stepped into a high protein and high fat regime every morning - without worrying too much about sustaining my blood sugars.

Hooray!   I feel so free!

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  1. I think this ties in perfectly with what you said in your previous post about how you have to be the food expert of yourself and just because someone says 'this is what your supposed to eat' doesn't mean it is right for you. A lot of people may thrive on eating high protean breakfasts, but it doesn't mean it works for everyone! :)