Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Food Goal

One of the things that I have noticed lately is that I tend to get into food ruts.  Choosing and preparing the same foods day in and day out.   I have noticed that I even have a tendency to order the same meals when I go out to restaurants.

I don't know exactly why I do this - but I think that one of the reasons - at least in part - is to simplify meal preparation - especially when I am pressed for time.

One good reason - however - to eat a wider variety of foods is that we tend to get a wider variety of nutrients in our diet.

One of my food goals for the coming week is to begin eating a wider variety of food at breakfast - rather than eating the same thing every morning. 

Thursday I had a bowl of vegetable miso soup with a small piece of salmon for breakfast.  It was made with left-overs from the night before - so that was really simple.

Friday I had a bowl of black forbidden rice with burdock root pickle, gluten-free sourdough toast spread with coconut oil, and a side of steamed spinach.

This morning I had an organic egg over easy, braised kale and collard greens with sliced avocado.

What I am finding is that it really takes no more time or effort to create a different style breakfast each morning - it simply takes a little more mental flexibility.

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